Welcome to Team Bjørndalen

Team Bjørndalen is the biathlete Ole Einar Bjørndalens fanclub. The Fanclub is ordered as a subset of Bjørndalens club Simostranda IL. The purpose of the Team Bjørndalen is to gather people who are particularly interested in following Ole Einars career.

Team Bjørndalen organize trips for members to the world cup ski races and organizes local gatherings such as bigscreen TV transmissions in the clubhouse Eikvang under Olympics.

Fanclub have college sweatshirts and Cap for sale. Alternatively excess of fanclub business is to work with Recruitment in Simostranda ILs Biathlongroup.

Team-Bjørndalen Products

College Sweater - 50 EUR

Item number Size
TB1001 4-6 Year
TB1002 8-10 Year
TB1003 12-14 Year
TB1004 S
TB1005 M
TB1006 L
TB1007 XL
TB1008 XXL

College Sweater w/hood - 50 EUR

Item number Size
TB2001 4-6 Year
TB2002 8-10 Year
TB2003 12-14 Year
TB2004 S
TB2005 M
TB2006 L
TB2007 XL
TB2008 XXL

How to order?

Send an e-mail to with the item number and amount, plus your name and address. Porto and export duties will be in addition.